The Digital Generation

My generation is living in a world of constant contact. Since the time we could read the Internet has played a roll in our lives, and the social communication that comes from it has influenced how we communicate and handle relationships. While I watch my parents huff and puff over something new on Facebook, or furrow their brow over the concepts of Twitter and Vine, we just click the app store and throw it on our phones. 

There’s all these how to’s that are out there for businesses and personal lives on how to be a “social media guru” or some other phony title like that. While levels of skill vary from person to person, the social media guru is every person from 20-28; the digital generation. 

We, for the most part, understand what communication is supposed to be on social networks, and how it varies from platform to platform. We also snicker at everyone older than us trying to figure out what the hell they’re doing. 

I watch newsrooms simply push content out on Twitter feeds and Facebook without any message behind them. The standard headline, link, attribution tweet that we barely pay attention to between the #foodporn and cat pictures. Imagine being at a nice bar filled with colleagues during happy hour. You’re there networking with coworkers and other industry members, picture these types of people:

1) “The News Guy”-every two seconds this person is bringing up an article he read sometime today, and telling you exactly where to go to read it. He goes on and on, ignoring the conversation people are trying to have, just because he wants to be the one to say “I know this.”

2) “The Health Nut”- Everyone knows the person who is constantly making you feel like a fatass because you grabbed the burger instead of the tofu salad at lunch, or because they woke up at 5 in the morning to “hit the cardio”. 

3) “The ‘just-over-the-top’ partyer”-The person during happy hour and appetizers that’s throwing them back just a little too quickly. Not too belligerent to really make you feel uncomfortable, but the subject of conversation consistently goes back to the late night at the bars, or the crazy party they went to. 

There’s plenty more. Social media is a reflection of who we are. And while we’re certainly better at it than the latter generation, ours still carries faults. Everyone does it, I can definitely promise I’m the first option up there, the newsaholic-talks-too-much-about-the-world guy who doesn’t care if the conversation is about the ball-game, I want to discuss the Egyptian revolution or Snowden’s asylum efforts.

Which one are you?

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One response to “The Digital Generation”

  1. Phyllis Lape says :

    Interesting thoughts! Are we the ones you snicker about?

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