Apple’s 2013 WWDC live blog

Tim Cook and Apple are set to start their annual WWDC developer’s conference momentarily, where new products like iOS7 and iRadio are expected to be released. I’ll be providing updates here as the keynote address goes on, as well as the four day event occurs as well. Watch the event live at Apple’s Events page. 

  • WWDC sold out in 71 seconds flat. Wow.
  • 50 billion apps downloaded. That’s billion, with a B.
  • ANKI, a robotics company, is starting off the keynote new product release. Debuting their ANKI drive product, which are electric cars that drive and steer themselves.
  • Coming to the Mac and Macbook section of the keynote, sites like mashable are predicting an update of the hardware. Let’s see what happens.
  • 35% of mac users are using Mountain Lion, vs. less than 5% for Windows 8.
  • Updates for OS 10 possibly coming up.
  • New OS software is going to be called OS X Mavericks. Leaving the “lion and big cat” concept behind. Extending battery life and new apps available.
  • Three new features being highlighted. The first. Finder Tabs. Allowing you to use multiple screens in Finder. Tagging is also available which will show up in Finder Sidebar, allowing you to track certain topics and subjects more easily.
  • Multiple Displays is the third feature. Allowing complete functionality between two Macs. Essentially allowing two seperate computers.
  • Airplay TVs will also act as a separate display, INCLUDING APPLE TV
  • More efficient power usage through the new MAVERICK update, saving significant battery life for Mac and Macbook users.
  • Better social media integration through Safari, allowing RTs and posts through the safari application.
  • iCloud Keychain: secure password and credit card changes
  • push notifications are going to be allowed on mac for more applications like Fantasy Football, Breaking News. Showing up right on the lock screen.
  • Also, apps will be updated automatically.
  • iCal getting a facelift. Maps on the Mac as well.
  • Integration allowing iCal to help suggest where to go and where to eat based off searched items like “Pizza”
  • Revamps for Macbook Air, big feature: increased battery life
  • new generation of mac pros.
  • iOS 7 just announced
  • aesthetics look completely different, crisp.
  • color schemes, logos changed.
  • looks like a completely new software
  • Iphone moves as your hands do, changing the icon perspective and background.
  • very nervous about original idea of redesign. However, very excited for iOS7 now. looks great.
  • Notification center available on Lockscreen. This was big hack for jailbreak users
  • 10 new features to be released
  1. Control Center: available at bottom of phone, able to do a variety of functions
  2. Multitasking: available on all apps. Notices usage of apps and provides the background activity when you use it.
  3. Safari: revitalized, content based.
  4. airdrop: sharing content through wifi
  5. Camera: different features, and photo filters built into native camera app
  6. Photos: photographs managed almost automatically through location and other services, similar to iPhoto on mac
  7. Siri: new look, and a new voice. Also allows you to increase brightness, play voicemails. Also allows you  access wikipedia and twitter.
  8. iOS in the Car: A new feature to help answer the calling for new cars coming out with compatibility features to new car models. All integration in 2014
  9. App Store: New app searches, by age and location. Also will update apps automatically
  10. Music app redesigned
  • iRadio is official. Integrates directly into the music app, which is incredibly smart because it allows users to find music they, and their friends love (and presumably by it on iTunes)
  • standard stations and custom stations are available.
  • iRadio is available on all iOS and OS devices, including Macs and Apple TV. Free with ads or free for iTunes match users
  • Audio calls for facetime on wifi, notification sync, phone facetime and message blocking.
  • iOS7 will also be able to block thieves from reactivating and rebooting iphone and ipads because it will require icloud logins.

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