The Brazilian Diet

Traveling to a new country is tough. There are a lot of unexpected obstacles in the road, from hitches with documents, to language barriers to the simple things like food.

The Brazilian diet, thankfully for my relatively mundane diet, isn’t that hard to adapt to for Americans. The best part about it (and the worst), is the french fries. Potatoes, fried for the most part, are a staple of the Brazilian side dish. Along rice and beans, fresh veggies and fruits, the fries go right there on the plate. Now for any 12 year old kid and their digestive system this isn’t a problem, but for a slower metabolism weight gain is certainly inevitable. My problem is that I have the mindset of a 12 year old diet with the metabolism of a 21-year-old. So while my eyes lit up at the buffet lines, my gut is kicking me now.

The biggest thing that I noticed is the portion sizes and the quality of the meat restaurants served. Typically, unless at a buffet, you order meals for 2-3 people. The entree would come on a giant hot plate with rice, beans vegetables, and the center of it, a small mountain of protein. Steak of almost any cut, chicken so tender it melts, and sausage. The seafood is fresh as well.

Cake is a cornerstone of their breakfast menu. We traveled to three different hotels, all with a varying service for breakfast, but each hotel made it a point to provide breakfast cake every morning. Eggs weren’t as big, nor were bacon, instead it was ham and cheese sandwiches, and cake.

This is a nod to the Brazilian sweet tooth. Obesity has become a prevalent problem for the Brazilian people, similar to the United States, and it’s no wonder. The Brazilians have a liquor called Cachaca, the “brazilian tequila” as the locals called it. It’s made from sugar cane and is incredibly sweet. Mixed mainly in cocktails, a common Brazilian beverage is the caipirinha,

source: wikipedia

source: wikipedia

Cachaca, lime ice and more sugar. The 40-50% ABV liquor mixed with more sugar is bound to give you the most pounding headache on the planet the next morning.


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