The Gondola Trip over the Favelas

There isn’t much to describe the favelas in Rio. They’re unique, and common throughout Latin America. The difference is that Brazil’s favelas are an essential part of the brazilian culture. There is no middle class. Only an extremely wealthy, a not as wealthy, and a dirt poor. The “not as wealthy” still have housemaids and cooks, babysitters and sometimes drivers. The poor life in shanties, that you can see in the photos below. At the end of the gondola ride, there was an over look and two  young children played soccer and messed around with us for about an hour. They talked, we tried english they tried portuguese. There is no translation for laughter, and it was there. Th setting and the people were absolutely beautiful


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J-student at Arizona State University, and pursing a minor in business as well.

2 responses to “The Gondola Trip over the Favelas”

  1. Haley says :

    These pictures are great! Having visited Brazil 3 times in the past, it is great seeing every aspect of the beautiful country. It looks like you are completely enjoying yourself there! I don’t know where you are going, but if you are going into the Amazon, you must go to Manaus and see place where the Rio Solimões and Rio Negro converge. It is quite remarkable. Você vive, rir e ama no país de magia 🙂

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