A story greater than you can imagine

I was sitting in a journalism class watching video project after video project, until one stopped the class in its tracks. A fellow wordpress-er, Jordan Brough, has a story on his blog, babyelliot, which shares the incredibly emotional story of his son, Elliot, who died shortly after birth.

Elliot was diagnosed with CDH, and I want Jordan to tell the story first hand because he is much more knowledgable that myself, but the disease affects a child while still in the womb and is potentially fatal. Unfortunately for Jordan and his wife, it was, and Elliot passed away shortly after being born. I encourage you to take the time to read this blog and share your feelings with Jordan as he makes it his effort to raise awareness on this relatively unspoken disease.

We all spend time writing our miscellaneous thoughts and random ideas, but there are sometimes where something reaches out that resonates with you, and is much more importantly than random ramblings. Baby Elliot’s story is, and I promise you won’t regret reading. 




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