What ‘Facebook Home’ means

OK, so in Zuckerbergs latest Steve Jobs impersonation, Facebook released its Facebook home software available for some smart phones. While the initial press conference was filled with some ‘oohs and ahhs’, and some yawns as well, there are a few things that I think need to be taken into consideration. 


The software itself works on phones that previously support Google’s Android software. Now, if I’m sitting in Google’s mobile offices, I am a little peeved at Facebook. Essentially, Google’s strategy into the smart phone world needs to be completely revamped. Facebook has bypassed Google’s monopoly on non-iOS devices. What does this mean for Google? it’s own native phone? Or do they just accept the fact that there’s no way around it?

The whole market

I may be stretching this assumption here, but call this a bold prediction. The technology and software world seems to be moving toward large companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook looking for ways to be dominant across a variety of different platforms. Apple is already a step ahead right now, with their various iOS devices that sync together using their cloud. Apple’s customer base, myself included, is basically locked in to Apple for the foreseeable future. It’s not a “fan boy” mentality that keeps me with the company, but its the convenience. 

To put it simply: it would be a pain in the ass trying to switch all my contacts, calendars, email accounts and everything else over to a new platform, and that doesn’t even start on the pros and cons of each software. Google and Facebook are well on their way to this same concept. The goal of both companies, in my mind, is to develop a stranglehold on your data, to ensure you’ll stay with them barring a major shift in the data/mobile device world. 

Where I see things in the next ten years, is Google, Facebook and Apple developing more and more device, software and programs to keep all of our data within the respective companies. This Facebook phone is an indicator of this trend. There is an arms race to develop enough software and devices to keep us in their grasps.  


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