4 major changes to Cable and TV in the next 10 years

In 20 years, if the cast of Saturday Night Live isn’t performing there bits in my family room I’ll be disappointed. That’s how fast the television industry has evolved, remember HD? That was the best it could get, and 3D is quickly becoming a normal thing, not just for the 1%.

The TVs of my children’s generation are going to be something we’d imagine out of Star Wars. Hand gesture or voice recognition, crystal clear, possibly 3D picture. But the biggest thing in my opinion? Smart TVs. Every major content provider (Apple, Amazon, Samsung etc.) are investing their work into smart TVs, and they should. Verizon is telling cable providers to quit the bundling crap or they’ll start losing customers, and new generations of the internet connected television are being released consistently in this market.

So, a hologram of Chris Farley doing the Super fan skit would be awesome, but there are some things that are much more likely to happen before 2023.

Social Interaction. It’s already half way there, Netflix and Facebook just announced they’re integrating with each other, but we’ve already done it for the past couple of years. You tweet about TV shows and movies you like, and the one’s you don’t. But I see it becoming one syndicated version, where you can tweet instantly while still watching your latest sitcom. The TVs of the future will connect you with your friends, straight from your couch, and you’ll be able to show, tell and share what your watching simply with a hand gesture.

Connections to the home “computer”- I use the term computer lightly because I don’t think we’ll have offices in 10 years in our homes. Tablets, phones, TVs and maybe laptops will be integrated into a cloud system through out wireless networks. We’ll be able to type word docs, view photos and music, access web browsers on any of the devices we have in our house and they’ll talk to and integrate with one another. With one button I’d be able to transfer the video I’m watching on my phone to the TV, or switch the music I’m listening to while getting ready back to my phone as I walk out the door. These TVs will be our desktops and major platforms to our friends and content, all stored in a server for us to access whenever we want.

Cable companies will disappear- Verizon is ahead of the curve with their speculation of removing bundling from it’s service. I’ve said it time and time again, people do not want to pay for 120 channels, and internet, and home phones, for $200 a month when they only use four channels and the internet. It’s a flat out highway robbery and unfortunately it will probably take a mass exodus of consumers for the bean counters at BIG CABLE to realize what they’re doing wrong, but hey that is the beauty of capitalism. A reaction to an action and not a proactive step.

Pay-per-channel: The big issue here, is that cable is already behind the curve. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, they already offer much more content then a cable company. If cable doesn’t figure out a way to compete, they could completely lose out. Sports networks are already on most smart TVs and if NFL network leaves DirectTV, they would lose a significant portion of their revenue, and threaten their business as a whole.

The way I see it, the six major media corporations (Viacom, Disney, Newscorp, Time Warner, Comcast and CBS) will shift away from their cable providers (and move away from providing them) and start hitching on to smart TV companies like Apple and Amazon Prime, offering their content on these TV sets for fractions of what they traditionally charge. The business model can work, Netflix has shown it, the difference between the two is the approach.


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