Why Google Reader kicking the bucket doesn’t matter

RSS is done. That’s the biggest reason. Really Simple Syndication isn’t that simple any more. It used to be impossible to find the tiny clusters of information on the big bad Internet, and we used RSS to aggregate our blogs instead of spending hours clicking around trying to find that person who actually made sense.

Today our Twitter feeds act like RSS readers. They offer the nut graf of an article or blog, followed with a link to the full site. We don’t follow blogs any more, we follow the people that write them. We cluster ourselves with people we’re interested in and organizations like Mashable or Wired, and we follow their writers that we enjoy reading. I don’t spend time reading through someone’s blog and follow the RSS, I just follow them on Twitter and read what I want to read.

I use an RSS, but only for a class. I currently have 2631 unread posts on my RSS reader, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading, I’m just accessing it from other places. Now if you use a reader for your desktop you almost never get the full article anyway because every site needs the page views for advertisements. I’m on a twitter feed religiously, and I organize my lists in Tweetdeck (which I still think is one of the better apps for twitter on a computer) by different interests, creating 5 or 6 columns for things I follow like cigars, tech, Chicago sports teams etc. It allows me to filter through information, communicate directly with the writer of the content and view the information I’m interested in reading in real time.

So when Google told us they’re taking out Reader I rolled my eyes and scrolled through the next tweet. Because that’s how you saw it right? On Twitter.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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