Primetime is out, XBOX news is in.

Brian Stelter, a media reporter for the New York Times, had a Page One article on Tuesday that is paramount to the way we view media, and reiterates what I’ve said in the past: Cable Channels are floundering in shallow water. Amazon, Netflix and Youtube all plan on producing original content in the next year. Stelter spoke with BermanBraun, a third party media company that produces content for almost every major media network, president Jeff Berman and their conversation pretty much wraps it up. The TV industry has undergone an evolution of sorts, shedding its shell of big network constraint and flourished into an industry of unique niche style content readily available at the push of a button.

Microsoft is pushing for original content on Xbox and if Sony wants to stay relevant it will provide something similar for Playstation as well. They’re in a unique position because they already support media giants like Hulu or Netflix. In my opinion where gaming consoles and digital TV consoles (Apple TV and Amazon) could make their bread and butter is in the news and sports markets. They could leapfrog CBS, NBC and ABC, creating a new station available on-demand right in millions of homes. They are already embedded into giant portions of our lives and with some R&D and capital, they could capture us for a lot longer.

My generation is concurrent with gaming systems and other consoles. Since I was young, I’ve been playing video games. They’ve developed and changed over the years sure, but the concept of me having one, and millions of other consumers as well, is what Sony and Xbox could punch their ticket on.

Visualize it. Turn on your TV. No cable. Your Xbox, Apple TV, or Playstation menu comes to live and includes a full news service, CNN style, 24 hours a day, a live news production that updates regularly with new content as it happens. Allow integration into the gaming or video viewing features, to alert you when the president makes a speech or your baseball team wins, and you’ve erected a foundation for a news/sports network. XBOX Newsroom.

The gaming wouldn’t change, and by outsourcing the media content to sites like Netflix or Hulu it would leave these companies the reigns to create a newsroom. After hiring a couple of out-of-college reporters (we’ll take the job), start producing and charging for nominal fees to start. As the services expand and develop, increase subscriptions at a reasonable until it’s still fitting to users and profitable.

Our world is moving to a place to click-to-view and I-want-it-now. Audiences don’t want to wait to see the news at 6, they want to choose when to see it. It’s silly for media companies to believe they can still manipulate how we watch TV. Primetime television as we know it is affectively gone.


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